The American Legion offers several scholarships to assist in the education of our youth.   Scholarships are awarded to deserving students to assist them with the ever-increasing costs associated with higher education.

Worldwide electronics leader Samsung endowed a scholarship fund of $5 million to be administered by The American Legion in 1996. Meant to show appreciation for U.S. veterans who came to Korea’s aid during its struggle against communist forces in the Korean War, the Samsung American Legion Scholarship Program established a series of scholarships derived from interest and other income from the principal amount. To date, the Samsung American Legion Scholarship has awarded more than $5.5 million to approximately 2,069 applicants.


Scholarship applications are restricted to high school juniors who attend the current session of either The American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program and are a direct descendant – i.e. child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc. – or a legally adopted child of a wartime U.S. military veteran who served on active duty during at least one of the periods of war officially designated as eligibility dates for American Legion membership.

  • World War I – Apr. 6, 1917 – Nov. 11, 1918
  • World War II – Dec. 7, 1941 – Dec. 31, 1946
  • Korean War – June 25, 1950 – Jan. 31, 1955
  • Vietnam War – Feb. 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975
  • Lebanon/Grenada – Aug. 24, 1982 – Jul. 31, 1984
  • Panama – Dec. 20, 1989 – Jan. 31, 1990
  • Persian Gulf War – Aug. 2, 1990 – Until cessation of hostilities
    Includes Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, & War on Terrorism

Applicants who are direct descendants of Korean War Veterans will receive 3 bonus points.

Applicants with membership to the American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion will receive a bonus point. Or, they can receive a bonus point by uploading a membership card of a parent. No more than one bonus point for an application.


Scholarships are due no later than the first day of a participant’s American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. All applications must be submitted using the online application system by 11:59PM on this day. Applications will not be modified after the due date or given a deadline extension under any circumstance.

Participants should check their individual program coordinator as to whether or not the coordinator desires them to bring a hard copy of their submitted application materials. If a hard copy is required, participants will need to complete their application PRIOR to arrival at their respective program.

Completing a scholarship application can be a difficult task. Below are some tips to help you complete your application.

  1. Application must be typed or completed online at
  2. Do not attach any documents or additional pages to the application, except as required.
  3. Review the entire application before completing it. If a field is left blank, it will count against you. If you cannot answer a question, put a reason in the field.
  4. Proofread your answers/essays in this application in addition to having at least one other person proofread your application. Spelling errors or poor writing skills will have a negative effect on your chances of receiving the scholarship. Incomplete/unprofessional applications will be rejected.
  5. Use a computer to prepare your final document. Applications will not be considered if they are handwritten.
  6. Each application is judged on its own merit so include any information that makes you exceptional and a good candidate to receive the award.
  7. Keep a copy of everything you submit!
  8. Pay close attention to scholarship application deadlines as applications submitted past the deadline will not be considered.

Contact your American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program to determine its application deadline and procedure for submitting the application. Normally, the application is submitted when you arrive at your respective program.

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Scholarship Overview

Eligibility Information

Scholarship Application

The American Legion wants to ensure higher education is a possibility for children whose parents have been killed while serving our country. It is a civic duty to provide them with equal opportunity. The Legion offers its support through the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

There has been a significant shortfall in government money allotted to children with parents lost in war. The government gives these children a college education stipend worth slightly more than $37,000. Taking into account living expenses, textbooks and rising tuition, this benefit covers only a little more than half of college costs in the most affordable situation. And the price tag of higher learning will only continue to rise. The most conservative estimates predict a 5-percent annual increase, meaning that in 16 years the most affordable college education will be $132,800. Obviously, military compensation will not keep up.

Aid offered

The amount of aid and number of awards depend upon the income derived from the trust. Scholarship recipients may re-apply for the award.


Those eligible to apply for the scholarship shall be the child/children or legally adopted child/children or a child of a spouse by a prior marriage or dependent child as defined by the United States Armed Services of active duty United States military and National Guard, and military reservists who were federalized and die on active duty on or after September 11, 2001. The applicant must be a high school senior or high school graduate to apply for the scholarship. Scholarship is for undergraduate study at an accredited institution of higher education within the United States.


Application must be post marked no later than April 15.

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In 2016, The American Legion awarded $22,000 in scholarships to deserving players. Each Department Baseball Committee may select a player from their Department to receive this scholarship. The American Legion will award several scholarships this year depending on the number of applicants and interest earned from the trust fund.

Award Amounts

Department Baseball Scholarship Winners receive $500.

Each certified Department Baseball scholarship winner shall be considered for The American Legion All-Academic Team sponsored by Diamond Sports, annually.

Eight players selected by a scholarship selection committee at The American Legion World Series will receive an additional $2,500 scholarship.

A ninth player, selected as the most outstanding member of the All-Academic Team, will be awarded an additional $5,000 scholarship.

All-Academic Team winners will retain their $500 scholarship from their department.

Scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarships immediately upon graduation from an accredited high school. Scholarship winners must utilize the total award within eight (8) years of their graduation date, excluding active military time.

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The American Legion honors the Eagle Scout of the Year at the national convention with a $10,000 scholarship. The three runners-up get $2,500. Further information is available from department adjutants or the Americanism and Children & Youth Division.

Department of Alaska Eagle Scout selectee receives $1,000.00

More Information

Scholarships are awarded to the three finalists. First place receives $25,000, second gets $22,000 and third takes $20,000.

Each individual state winner certified into and participating in the first round of the national contest receives a $2,000 scholarship.

Each first-round winner who advances but does not qualify for the finals receives an additional $2,000 scholarship.

Scholarships may be used to attend any college or university in the United States. Funding comes from The American Legion Life Insurance Fund.

In addition to the national organization’s scholarships, hundreds of scholarships are awarded to participants by posts, districts, counties and departments during earlier levels of competition.

Department of Alaska awards 1st place $3,500, 2nd place $2,500, 3rd place $1,500.

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Department of Alaska Richard D. Johnson Memorial

$1,000 Post-secondary Scholarship

The American Legion is proud to offer this post-secondary scholarship to all graduating seniors in Alaska who meet the fixed criteria. This scholarship is not based on exceptional grades or athletic abilities. This scholarship is designed for people who are ready to make a commitment to their future and invest in some form of post-secondary education in order to prepare themselves for the rest of their life. All post-secondary programs are acceptable including; college, university, vocational training, apprenticing, or any other program. What you have done in the past is not as important as what you want to do in the future. Please show your dedication to your future by completing this application on time and to the best of your ability. This application is a fillable form so you must type your information in and then print it out, you will not be able to save a completed application.

Please submit application to the local American Legion Post Commander on or before March 30.

  1. Department Scholarship Application 

Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Completed application
  2. Essay **
  3. School transcript
  4. 3 letters of reference
** The essay is to be a minimum of 500 words and should address your involvement in school, church, and community activities as well as why you think the United States patriotic organizations, such as the American Legion, are important to the world today.

Establish scholarship-judging criteria as follows:

Fixed Criteria
  1. Grades; Average 2.0 to 3.0 G.P.A.
  2. Improving verses declining outlook
  3. The student that normally would not receive an academic scholarship
General Guidelines
  1. Involvement; Community service, activities or American Legion Post involvement.
  2. Need; (e.g. one income family, not a lot of help from home).
  3. Goals; Must have defined goals, as defined as a graduating senior can have.