Paid Up For Life Membership Program

Current members may now enroll in the Paid Up For Life program online or can print a personalized application and mail in their payment. Pay in full or choose 12 monthly installments.

No more renewal notices. No more paying annual dues.

No more worrying, “Did I renew my membership or not?”

Join the other 200,000 PUFL Legionnaires in saying, “I believe in The American Legion and what it’s doing. I’m in this for the long haul.”

Avoid future dues increases. No matter what inflation does, you never have to pay another penny in dues.

Lifetime subscription to The American Legion Magazine!

Each Paid Up For Life member receives a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper card to verify continuing membership in The American Legion. The annual card is mailed in July of each year.

To get your Paid Up For Life membership now,
click the link below and get your personalized offer.

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