• Support the troops

Troop Support

Poppy Program Learn about the American Legion family's "Poppy" program. Family Support To contribute toward the cost of lodging for a family whose loved one was injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom or the war on [...]

  • Blue Star Banner - Mother's Flag

Blue Star Banners

The tradition continues It’s an American tradition to display a Blue Star Service Banner in the window of a home when a loved one is proudly serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. As Americans support [...]

  • Americanism

Flag Etiquette

Standards of Respect The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used. They [...]

  • Americanism


Americanism is an unfailing love of Country, loyalty to its institutions and ideals, eagerness to defend it against all enemies, individual allegiance to the flag, and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty ourselves [...]

  • Emergency funds

National Emergency Fund

The Preamble to The American Legion Constitution sums up the theme of the National Endowment Fund, "... devotion to mutual helpfulness." This phrase is more than just mere words on paper; it's our pledge of [...]

Children and Youth Programs and Partners

Since our inception, The American Legion realized a need to care for and protect our nation's most valuable resources - our children.  In 1925, our national Child Welfare Division adopted the "Whole Child" plan. [...]