"Who We Are, What We Do

& Why We Matter"

From 2016-2017 Department of Alaska President Susan Waldhaus

In my last article I said “it's getting a little chilly out there!” Well as I write this now, IT'S DOWNRIGHT COLD! But we continue on with our busy schedules at home, Post, work.....The holidays are over and I know you had so many wonderful events. The 2016 membership year ended a bit short but now we move on to 2017.A reminder - Dues increased for the Dept. by $4.00. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact 2nd Vice Deb Lowndes or Dept. Sec. Linda.

“Back to basics” of leadership and membership working in harmony,” is one of my goals for the year. On visitations so far, I see that happening. It takes the effort of everyone to make it happen.. Keep your commitment and reason for becoming an Auxiliary member in front of you all the times. MidYear Reports were due to Department chairman in December. I'm trusting that each unit did the job so we can claim 100% reporting. Visiting every Unit is a challenge but I'm still open for dates you can work with. This is a work in progress. If you haven't scheduled yet, contact Dept. Secretary Linda or me. It is important for leadership to meet on the home ground of the unit. I look forward to visiting and working with you.

THANK YOU! to Peggy Bateman, Chm,(Unit 1). Anch. DOM Gift Shop and to Cassie St. Rose , Chm,.(Unit 57) Fairbanks Gift Shop for JOBS WELL DONE! This is one of the most meaningful events for a member to participate in, If you haven't volunteered, please plan now to do so next year. Thank you Peggy and Cassey and you crews.

THANK YOU too to Post/Unit/SAL 35 for the touching and heartfelt tribute to WWII Veterans at the dinner just before Pearl Harbor Day. What a wonderful afternoon. The food was fantastic, the ROTC Color Guard, the children's choir and their patriotic songs/sing-a-long – I saw many eyes with a tear.

I have to tell you too, that our Department of Alaska American Legion Auxiliary participated in the “Women Veteran's Day Celebration” in November. We were part of the planning committee. I highly recommend we continue this partnership. My heart was warmed by the Korean War woman veteran who told me this was the first time anyone said thank you to her for her service. It was her first time at this event, Women Veteran's Day is always November 9 - Just for your information in planning your unit's activities for next year.

Now we begin our events and planning for the last few months of our Auxiliary year. Now is the time to be thinking of new leadership for our units and department. Unit elections are in March, Department elections are at Department Convention in April. Endorsement letters are required for bids for the department positions. If you have any questions in the proceedure or duties of a particular position please contact your Unit President/Board, Dept. Sec. Linda, me, Dept. Leadership Co-Chairmen Eva / Susan or any Past Dept. President. Each one of you has the potential for leadership. Think about moving up, learning more and being that person. Think about how you would tell “Who we are! What we do! and Why we matter!” THE OTHER item I want to remind you of is that YEAR END REPORTS are due to our Department Chairman by APRIL 1st. Please! Please! Please start gathering the info needed now. Remember, if you did the Mid Year Rpt. In Dec. you are halfway already. If you have questions, contact the program chairman. Our aim is for 100% reporting.

Wrapping this up for publication: the invitation stands! In Anchorage? Let's have a cup of tea!

Enjoy our wonderful, diverse, beautiful Alaska and Enjoy and share our American Legion and Auxiliary mission of service to our veterans, their families and communities.


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